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Lynnsay Kirby

Fear kills 
more dreams
than failure
ever will.
~Suzy Kassem~

I am the owner of Little Old, Little New  and am lucky to have my family by my side on this journey.  In 2016 I was searching for a way to provide a little extra income and still be able to stay home with our four children.  I had just reupholstered a set of living room chairs that my dog had destroyed and after several long discussions with my husband I decided to dive in.  So a few classes and several projects later Little Old, Little New was born. I have always loved taking things that were a little old and making them fresh and new again. You will often see one of my kids or husband helping out (not always voluntarily), whether that be sanding, tearing back upholstery or picking up a "new" piece on the side of the road.  I am blessed to love my job and have my family stand behind me on this crazy journey.

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